How to Work With Your Vector Files


You will need a vector software program, such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw for example.  There are others if you don’t have either of those.  A search for them should turn up many options to choose from – some are better than others.  Whichever program you choose to use it must be able to open layered vector files.  You will have the original Adobe Illustrator files and SVG vector files to work with.

When you have your vector software and want to learn the basic skills I highly recommend utilizing the tutorials on YouTube specific to your program.  Each program can be laid out very different from the other even though you can still do the same work between them.

Vector Program Basic Skills Required:

  • Open/Close files
  • Import/Export
  • Copy/Cut/Paste
  • Use Selection Tools
  • Work with the Pen, Brush and Eraser Tools
  • Color Palette Selection and Application
  • Undo/Redo
  • Selecting Layers
  • Show/Hide Layers
  • Lock/Unlock Layers
  • Copy/Cut/Paste/Duplicate Layers
  • Rename Layers
  • Lock/Unlock Selections
  • Show/Hide Selections
  • Resize Selections
  • Move Selections
  • Zoom In/Out of Selections and Page (artboard)

IMPORTANT: NEVER WORK FROM THE ORIGINAL FILE.  Save any original file under a new distinguishable name.  If you make a mistake on an original file and accidentally save it, you will need to contact me to retrieve a replacement.  Please avoid this if possible.