After spending well over 700 hours recreating the VMS by hand and spending another 300+ hours of personal research covering who wrote the Voynich, where it originated from, when was it written and what the language and illustrations represent, I can nearly assure all of you that it is NOT a hoax.  That is not to say that it could be a cipher, a dead language, made-up language, romance language, etc..  Here are some points on why I feel this is not a hoax:


  • There are many glyphs in the book that were erased and redrawn.  This is wouldn’t make any sense if the entire book was nonsensical to begin with.  This tells me that the writing has enough meaning for these individual glyphs to matter.
  • There are small details in the illustrations that wouldn’t have had any significance to a person making up everything to deceive others.  The details are tiny and would have only been noticed if someone was scrutinizing the entire book under extreme observation.  The entire book in itself is a mystery so these details would have no bearing on whether someone believed it to be real or a hoax.  Again, these details, in my opinion, would only have meaning to the writer or intended reader.
  • There is a minimum of two authors, however, it is my opinion after having recreated the text by hand that there could have easily been up to five authors.  The handwriting changes multiple times in the book.  I lean towards thinking this book may have been either passed down within a family or through apprenticeship over a number of years.