Due to the size of the vector files, I will be unable to provide them through download shopping.  I will be shipping your choice of a flash drive or SD card with all files to you after purchase – tax and shipping will be included in the price of the product.

Product Description

242 digital folders representing every page of the Voynich manuscript and within those folders you will find the following digital files:

  • (1) Adobe Illustrator (.ai) File with full illustrated vectors or per individual page plus the original full-resolution Voynich manuscript image provided by the Beineke Rare Book Library, Yale University.
  • (1) Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg) file duplicated the same as the Adobe Illustrator file listed above for those that do not have Adobe Illustrator.
  • (2) Full-Resolution Portable Network Graphic (.png) image of the individual page in full-color and non-pigment for preview purposes or use as needed.
  • (2) Medium-sized Portable Network Graphic (.png) image files of the individual page in full-color and non-pigment on a transparent background for use as needed.

Once you purchase the files you will receive a screenshot image of all the files that are included with the description above along with this description on your purchase receipt.  You must select whether you want a flash drive or an SD card and provide a valid mailing address to send your product to.

You will be receiving your files via shipping on either a flash drive or SD card – not over the Internet.

IMPORTANT!  If you provide the wrong address or contact information and the product is sent to someone else.  I will resend the files, however, you must pay for the new shipping costs, tax (if applicable) and flash drive or SD card cost.  This cost will vary depending on where you live.

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