What is the Voynich Manuscript?

The Voynich manuscript was hand-written in an unknown text (possibly a cipher, possibly an ancient hoax) by two or more authors dating back to between 1404 and 1438 and is of unknown origin. It received its name from a rare book collector that rediscovered and purchased it by the name of Wilfred Voynich.  It’s one of the world’s most enduring unsolved mysteries in the world.  While some have claimed to have solved it, no evidence has supported the full and conclusive decipherment, point of origin, or authorship to date.

The manuscript is around 240 pages depending on how one would choose to count the fold-out pages – in addition, there are many pages missing.  Contained in the book are crude illustrations of botanicals, astrological symbols and charts, naked women that seem to play a large role within the context of the book, and what seem to be herbal recipes.  Some symbols in the book look to be related to alchemy, pharmaceuticals, astrology, castles, animals, possibly religious contextual symbols, and odd jars/vessels of some sort that would contain the herbals.  These are all possibilities and some have even gone so far as to include supernatural references to what they believe to be true.

In any case, it is still a popular mystery to be solved and has traveled through over 500 years of scrutiny by both professional and amateur code-breakers and cryptographers.  There is an answer out there somewhere just waiting for the right person to solve it.