Roseann Arabia has been an avid Voynich enthusiast since 2008. A friend introduced her to the manuscript and after countless emails back and forth she became completely taken by the intrigue and mystery that has endured for hundreds of years.

As time went on she became frustrated at the inability to quickly and efficiently reference the illustrations and glyphs that were contained within the photos she had at hand. It was due to this frustration that she decided to embark on a mission to recreate the entire manuscript by hand using a digital writing pad and stylus. She knew that people were going to think she was over the top and would worry about her life outside of such an obscure book. However, with a lot determination, she would continue on with her pursuit. Roughly 11 years later and about 600 hours into it, she finally accomplished her goal – to have a book all her own, drawn completely by her own hand, and to finally have the vector files to do anything she wanted to it without the worry of destroying her original images and notes. No more filing cabinets to contend with, note cards, stacks of loose papers and pricey ink for her printer. 

While Roseann’s original intent was personal and without the desire to publish her work, her family and friends encouraged her to share her book and files with others and thus Voynich Vectored was born. It is her hope that others will appreciate the hard work that went into making it and find it to be a useful resource tool in their journey to finally discovering the answers to the great mystery of the Voynich Manuscript.