About The Book

Voynich Vectored is a book to assist all Voynich enthusiasts and researchers.  It is a complete hand-drawn digital reproduction consisting of every detail of the glyphs and illustrations. Full-sized vectors can be purchased separately along with hand created Voynich manuscript fonts (COMING SOON!)

The vector files and fonts allow you to view, edit, manipulate and research Voynich like never before.  The book is intended to be a quick look at clear vectored illustrations when required for reference. 

The vector files include all separated layers and are separated so that you can show/hide glyphs, illustrations, coloring including the original high-resolution Beineke images to compare vectors to the originals.

What you can do with the vector files:

  • Make non-destructive notes on the manuscript pages
  • Gather the related plants together or glyphs and save them onto a new document for comparisons or grouping.
  • Change the ‘pigment’ colors to suit your research of plants and much more…

Click on images above to zoom in.  Click here for a large sample page from the Voynich Vectored.